Mixed media on canvas
100 X 65 cm
2015 February
Nadine Brune R

It’s been a series of changes and emotional shocks in my life over a short period that led me to paint.

In 2013 I took advantage of a Voluntary Departure Plan: After 14 years I left my job working for an airline company as a commercial so that I could carry out a project in ethical fashion.During the past year, I decided however not to follow up with this project, having discovered in myself an artistic expression and craftsmanship based on the creation of wire jewelry. I then created my brand « Enidane » and for personal reasons I decided to move to Guadeloupe.

So here I come back to my native island after 23 years spent in Ile- de -France. The change was brutal, I had to mourn my Parisian life, to adapt myself to a new way of life; Everything was new and it was very difficult for me to feel good and to flourish.
I realised though that my way of functioning was no longer suited to my new life. What followed were months of doubt, anguish, conflict, questioning, not to mention the unstable relationship with my artist companion.

He then suggested I should paint in order to express my ill-being, some advice to which I put up a lot of resistance. My only experience in this field was limited to a canvas I had scribbled on 17 years ago which I had cast aside, judging the experience inconclusive.

One evening after a deep crisis, I decided to express myself; I took a paperboard, a few tubes of paint, sat on the bed and scribbled. Not satisfied with the result and not really soothed, I decide to throw away this « pictorial expression ».

With my illness continuing to grow, I decided to see a therapist who advised me to materialize my suffering in an artistic work such as jewelry, painting or some other media. I remembered the canvas that had remained in a corner of the house and instantly borrowed tubes of paint from my niece, alongside taking everything I had in my reach – sand, seaweed, twigs, leaves, pieces of plastic, paper. I settled on the floor, washed and brushed the canvas, tore the material, stuck things on and removed them, painted with a sponge and did not stop, carried away by an overflowing energy. In 48 hours my first web was born, I named it « RE CREATION ». I was amazed at the result, surprised that a lively canvas could arise from such great pain..

I scrutinized the canvas like a child – the details, the colors, the abundance of subjects enchanted me. I felt a creative energy in me that made me want to continue painting. This was in February 2015 and since then I have never stopped this artistic expression, bringing me a salutary well being.I gradually discovered my language, what animates me, my intuition, my inner world, my sensibility and the essence of things, people and places. It is like another birth, which carries within it the Essential.

Nadine Brune R

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